CP on Z-man

The Washington Post reports that Clinton Portis had the following to say about new head coach Jim Zorn and his spread-out West Coast offense:
“With Coach Zorn coming on board, I think it’s going to be a more relaxed setting and things [will] open up. I’m sure you’re going to see a lot of players go wild this year. Wild as in stats, not trouble wild.”
“It’s just going to be more of an opportunity to open up, spread out, and get [tight end Chris] Cooley in great position and put [wide receiver] Santana [Moss] in ….. we’re just going to be exploiting matchups. I really think we’re going to have an advantage to work one-on-one. We really didn’t do a lot of that over the previous years.”
You may remember that it was just two years ago when Portis has predicted great things in the Al Saunders’ new spread offense:
“The last time I saw a field spread out like this was in Denver. We didn’t spread it out around here. That wasn’t our system. You had to adapt. You had to change your game to fit whatever they brought to you. Now I’ve got the golden opportunity. For two years, I had the opportunity of getting pounded. Pounded here and pounded there. But I found a way out of that and I have the opportunity of my career.”
“You don’t have to talk to those guys who have gone through him before. Just go look at the film. When Marshall Faulk was in his prime, coach Saunders was there. When Priest was in his prime, coach Saunders was there. If I’m in my prime, I’m in the right place.”
“Looking around at Lloyd and Randle El and Patten – looking around at guys that should have spectacular years, along with Santana and Cooley – that’s going to open [things] up a lot,” Portis said. “You can’t put eight people in the box. If you do, we’re going to throw a bomb on you. You’ll rather give me 20 or 30 [yards] than give them 80.”
Spread, spread, and more spread…  If Zorn fails, do the Skins apply to join the Canadian league and its 65-yard-wide fields?


One Response to “CP on Z-man”

  1. E double Says:

    What’s up with Fred Davis “sleeping in”? I slept in for my temp job when I was fresh out of college and still staying up late partying and I felt bad about it…and I sure as h-double hockey sticks (as lame George Michael would say) was not (on the verge) of getting a million dollar salary. Guy can’t make it to a few days of mini-camp? Not a good sign. At least we have 3-5 other All-Pro receivers.

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