Bitter Spiders

In addition to attendance, officiating may also prove to be an issue with future CBI tourneys, should there be any.  At least, that is, if anyone nationally is paying attention to the comments from the University of Richmond:

“It’s a shame to see a game where the [Spiders] played so hard, and gave all they had, to lose that way,” said Jim Miller, Richmond’s athletic director.

He referred, Miller emphasized, to the officiating. Virginia shot 11 free throws (six made) in the final 7:57, during which UR tried two foul shots (one made). In the second half, U.Va. attempted 17 free throws to Richmond’s four. After committing 11 fouls in the first half, Virginia was called for three personals in the second half. One came in the last few seconds. Its purpose: break UR’s offensive rhythm. U.Va. was at no risk of putting Richmond on the line.

At the buzzer, UR coach Chris Mooney didn’t go directly to the hand-shaking line. First, he walked onto the court to unleash an earful on one of the officials from the Midwest-based crew. Mooney became so agitated that he needed to be restrained by two of his assistants after Spider Kevin Smith drove to the basket with UR down 65-64 and 10 seconds remained.

Smith penetrated from the left side and while trying a layup appeared to be bumped. His shot missed badly. No whistle. “I thought I got hit, but it really doesn’t matter what I think,” Smith said. “The officials didn’t call it, and that’s the way it stood.”

Miller is an ODU grad who might have been anticipating a matchup with the Monarchs in the second round.



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