CBI: Day 1

See the bracket on the Gazelle Group site.  Unlike most, it is completely laid out on the left side of the champion line.Some tidbits: 

  • The fee for hosting a first-round was $60,000, and negotiations occurred in the wee hours Sunday night / Monday morning
  • Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico State, Texas Tech, and Wake Forest all reportedly declined invitations, and the field was not announced until roughly 2AM Monday
  • Two teams with .500 records (Virginia, Washington) and one with a losing record (Cincinnati at 13-18) made the field
  • Ticket / attendance figures thus far
    • Virginia charged $10 for tickets (students $5) and drew 4,022
    • ODU drew just over 2,000
    • Nevada charged $18-25 (students $5), drawing 4,252
    • Ohio charged $10 (students free), drawing 1,169
    • Washington charged $15 (students $5)
    • UTEP charged $8-35 (students free)
    • Bradley charged $9-30 (students $1)
    • Tulsa charged $10-15 (students $5)
  • All four Wednesday games were decided by 6 or fewer points


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