WCAV reports that redshirt freshman linebacker J’Courtney Williams has been charged in connection with a larceny incident that occurred three weeks ago at the Aquatics and Fitness Center.  The former PrepStar All-American who was expected to contend for playing time at LB this season was charged with “one count of credit card theft and one count of credit card fraud.”

The arrest comes less than a month after JCW was arrested for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.  His license was suspended and the case continued for a year, pending successful completion of a pre-conviction probation program.

Those in the know will remember that retail opportunities within the AFC include not only the “Poolside Cafe” eatery (a division of Dining Services), but also TJ’s Locker – a division of the UVA Bookstore – which offers services like request re-stringing and film processing and sells shoes, sporting equipment, clothing, and goods (including but not limited to used DVD’s and greeting cards), along with.

There’s no mention of medicinal marijuana available for prescription or sale, although maybe Williams was looking to score some exercise equipment to help speed up his recovery from his 2007 shoulder surgery.



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