JUCO in ACC (ie Terps)

The Washington Times had an interesting blog entry on JUCO’s in the ACC this month, in light of Maryland’s signing of Tyree Evans.  Some highlights:

junior college transfers coming into the ACC since the 2001-02 season:

Florida State: 6

Maryland: 5 (well, now 6 with Evans)

Everybody else: 6

If you include the waning Big East years for Miami and Virginia Tech, those schools move up to five and four JUCO transfers, respectively.


Osby was the first one-time junior college transfer to average double figures in the league since Devin Smith did so for Virginia in 2004-05. Other successful JUCOs this decade: Florida State’s Tim Pickett and Maryland’s Ryan Randle and Jamar Smith.

it certainly makes you wonder why a program like Maryland — which did, as coach Gary Williams will point out, win a national championship this decade — needs to go this route and find quick fixes rather than reel in an extra guy each year from high school.

Five ACC schools (Boston College, Duke, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Wake Forest) have not added a JUCO since 2001-02, so far as I can tell.

Neither Virginia’s Dave Leitao or N.C. State’s Sidney Lowe has used the JUCO route. The only junior college transfer to come to Virginia Tech under Seth Greenberg is Marcus Travis, and Travis was both a walk-on and a Blacksburg native. Clemson’s lone JUCO under Oliver Purnell was a one-year stint by Lamar Rice, and Miami’s Frank Haith has added a junior college player in back-to-back years.

It seems odd the Terps would be occupying the same spot in a basketball matter as Florida State, no disrespect to Dave Cowens, Charlie Ward or the 1972 Seminoles intended. Yet that’s how it is, reinforced by the reality Evans and his checkered history are en route to College Park.

The scoreboard listed above is most telling. A recent national champion probably shouldn’t be on there.

Then again, it probably shouldn’t have three NIT appearances in four years, either.



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