VPI recruit Peter Rose (not that Peter Rose) arrested in undercover sting

Multiple news outlets are reporting today that Virginia Tech recruit Peter Rose has been arrested for marijuana distribution charges as he approaches the conclusion of his high school career.  The arresting sheriff’s deputy was posing undercover as a high school student during a 10-month investigation.  It’s hard to believe the charges are anything less than legit given this (and the sure-to-be presented video/audio evidence), but one has to wonder if Rose was targeted based on his high profile?  He was, after all prom king, Mr. Amherst County, D-1 recruit, leader of back-to-back AA state championship teams, and AA state player of the year.  I also wonder if the timing has anything to do with when he or the other 18-year-old arrestee reached adult age (four juveniles were also arrested).


My first reaction was to think back to a similar situation involving then-UNC basketball commitment JamesOn Curry.  Curry was arrested in February of his senior year (one day scoring 47 points) as part of much larger sting at his North Carolina high school that nabbed nearly 50 students.  He was North Carolina’s all-time leading scorer and was charged with selling marijuana to an undercover officer posing as a high school student.


The similarities are eerie – parent complaints leading to the law enforcement taking the undercover office step a la “21 Jump Street”, very high-profile seemingly clean-cut athletes in relative small-town, rural atmosphere brining national attention to the busts, etc.  Rose’s side of the story has yet to come out, but Curry for his part felt he was targeted.  The NC string had a profound impact on him as well as his small NC community, as detailed in a Washington Post piece from back in 2004.  Based on the classes the undercover officer was enrolled in and the effort he put into developing a relationship to Curry, there was no shortage of conspicuous evidence behind the targeting claims.


Curry got three years probation and community service, graduated from an alternative high school, and ended up at Oklahoma State where he thrived to some degree.  He declared early for the NBA draft, ended up with the Chicago Bulls’ NBDL Iowa Energy squad, where he was averaging 20+ points when he was arrested earlier this year for urinating in public in Idaho, largely because he ran from inquiring officers.



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