Are ACC Coaches Kidding Themselves?


Seemingly out of nowhere, during last month’s ACC football meetings in Greensboro, GA Clemson HC Tommy Bowden took a shot at the proverbial ‘big dog’ SEC:


“Not long ago, it was Florida State and Miami dominating college football. Where was the SEC then? These things go in cycles. The SEC has had a nice run. I’m sure that the ACC or another conference will take its place.”


"I make it rain on Spurrier"


Probably not in his own record against the SEC.  He’s 1-3 in his last four games, including the bowl loss to Kentucky two years ago and two straight losses to South Carolina before winning this year 23-21 in Columbia.


Perhaps in his argument, perhaps not.  Miami & FSU won/shared a combined four national titles from 1991-2001.  During that span, the SEC won 3 (Alabama, Florida, UT).  The Big 12 won four as well, so I don’t know that Miami & FSU dominated college football, but you could make a decent case that they were the ‘big dogs’ of southern college football during that span.


Bowden’s leg to stand on may be in that he actually has a pretty good perspective in this argument. Obviously he’s biased now, but before taking the head jobs at Clemson & Tulane, he was an assistant at FSU (twice), Auburn (twice), Duke, Alabama, and Kentucky.

Another SEC transplant in the ACC, David Cutcliffe couldn’t resist making a similar comment.  The former Ole Miss HC & UT OC, proverbial Manning family friend, and current Coach K buddy had this to say:


The SEC and ACC “are a lot more similar than people might think.”


"The Asack family are the next Mannings"


Not sure what specific film spurred him take the Duke job (maybe this game?).  His worst win total at Ole Miss (4) was two more than Ted Roof’s best at Duke and more than Roof won over the past three years combined.  Cutcliffe may want to hope the ACC is a lot less similar than people think.






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