Springs Hit by Foreign Object?

In discussing the leg injury that kept him out of the Redskins’ season-opening loss to the Giants, Washington cornerback (and sometimes safety) Shawn Springs said that getting kicked in thin during practice felt like “taking a 2-by-4 across your shin.”


Springs, whose voice you may recognize from Select Auto Imports radio spots (“and that let ME know…”) in the https://i1.wp.com/media3.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/photo/2008/07/18/PH2008071803404.jpgDC market, is no stranger to physical pain, and has a well-documented affinity for boxing.  Springs’ trainer, a “former pro boxer and Buster Douglas’s old sparring partner” (is that what’s on his business card?) Mark Craig said back in July that Springs has some skill and “if I’m not paying attention he can get me now.”  Fellow trainee and former Skin WR Mike Espy added “the boy is fast, faster than I thought. He’s in the best shape I’ve ever seen him in. He’s a bad man right now.”


He ought to know the difference between a human foot and a 2×4, rigt?  I’ve got to think if Hacksaw Jim Duggan laid down the lumber of #24 he’d be out for more than a week.  Just ask the dozens of “foreign” WWF & WCW stars who’ve feuded with HJD over the years.  At some point, they all ended up on the receiving end of a piece or Top Choice or Geogia Pacific timber, only to watch HJD prance around the ring yelling “HOOOOOO” and waving the American Flag.


2 Responses to “Springs Hit by Foreign Object?”

  1. E double Says:

    Love the HJD poster. The guy was crazy! Just look in his eye(s).

  2. matt Says:

    love the hacksaw reference. that’s old school. maybe you can work in superfly jimmy snuka sometime?

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