How Do They Get The Bricks Inside the Eggs?

Everyone’s favorite media-shy but yet media-favorite Defensive Coordinator had a great quote this week about the deception used but the Eagles offense.  Greg (one ‘G’) Blache offered that Philly’s defenders “are terrorists with the double move,” and can’t “go to the bathroom straight.”


Other GB nuggets:


“In my opinion, Shawn Springs could be a male model. Shawn Springs is clean. He is. Of the big guys, you’ve got to think about Cornelius Griffin. For a big man, Griff dresses like a pimp daddy sometimes. He really does. He’s pretty darn clean.”


“We don’t worry about numbers here. Statistics are for losers. I’m not a stat guy. I’m not interested in them, because you can do anything you want with numbers, you can manipulate them, and work around with them. Look at all the financial [problems] we’re having in Wall Street right now. That’s all those guys lying and playing with numbers. And now all of us are suffering. So I don’t believe in numbers, because any crook can play with numbers….It angers me. You know? That’s the whole thing, people play with numbers.”


“For me, you either win or you lose; you don’t get second place because you had great stats….I’ve been around a ton of guys that will just sit and spout their statistics. Drives me crazy. It’s meaningless.”


“I was raised in the old school and I coach old school. You win or you lose. When the media started saying, ‘Well, this guy’s a guru’ or ‘This guy’s a genius,’ the guys started planting their numbers or throwing their numbers around to get jobs. And that became a big thing: numbers. Like I said, I’m old school. I have no interest in a head job. All I want to do, I want to win Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins a Super Bowl championship, that’s my goal. Past that, a good glass of wine, a good Cuban cigar, and hell, life is beautiful.”


On the VP debate: “I don’t believe in politics. I learned as a kid: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and politics.”


Not to be outdone was cornerback and former “Minnesota Love Boat” skipper Fred Smoot.  Never one to mince words (except when his jaw was wired shut after an accident in which is Rolls Royce was totaled), Smoot has actually given himself the nickname Brother O’Dell, Pass the Biscuits, Pappy O’Daniels, taken from the Cohen Bothers’ film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”


Smoot, you may recall, took a hard shot in Irving, TX on Sunday, which rendered him “clueless” and had him thinking he was “a blond.”  Naturally, “for a minute… [he] thought [he] was Batman. You know how you get when you get your bell rung?”  Never fear, un-caped crusaders…. Smoot soon realized what was what and “looked up and we were in Texas Stadium, so it was time to play some football.”  Most definitely, to say the least.


Yesterday, Smoot dropped a doozy when responding to questions about the notorious Philly fans.  Hometown writer and “national-award winning sportswriter” Adam Himmelsbach (who apparently did not make the trip to Dallas) brings us this:


“The Eagles are known for their loud and rowdy fans, but several Redskins said they don’t mind the atmosphere.

Springs said he can usually find a fight going on somewhere in the stands. Fred Smoot said there are sometimes eggs thrown at the team bus.

One of those eggs could have a brick in it,’ Smoot said. ‘You never know.’”


You never do, Fred, you never do.  By the way, if you’re interested, Smoot has also reduced the asking price for Eden Prarie, MN home from $1.2 mil to $849 tho.





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