Sea of Blue

Off the field (at least slightly), Doug Doughty reports that a student protest has been “averted.”  After multiple student organizations threatened to protest if the sign ban wasn’t repealed, Athletic Director Craig Littlepage met with members of the Student Council and the ‘Hoo Crew,’ and on cue did what he does best… released a statement:


 “I felt we had a good discussion that provided the opportunity to develop mutual goals, including support for our teams and good sportsmanship. There would be value to having a small group of student leaders and student-athletes hearing my concerns, and making recommendations about enhancing sportsmanship and the game experience…

The policy prohibiting signs, banners and flags in all UVa athletics venues has become a distraction and has taken the focus away from supporting our student athletes. Our football team needs our support right now and that should be our collective focus… I encourage all of our fans to be in attendance at Saturday night’s football game with Maryland. My hope is our fans will wear orange and be prepared to support the Cavaliers.”


Doughty reports that students have been “asked to protest by wearing blue to the Cavaliers’ game Saturday night with Maryland” in opposition of the impotent ‘Power of Orange’ slogan.  “Students were so upset that a second organization, Tees Overseas, had stated that bins would be placed outside Scott Stadium for spectators who wanted to donate excess orange wear.”


Student Council President Matt Schrimper voiced his concern to CLP that the no-sign policy “seemed counter to the way we traditionally do things at the University” and was both “unnecessary” and “superfluous.”


Cavalier Daily columnist Zach Rowen points out that “dress codes don’t create a positive game-day atmosphere — the fans themselves do. They will be able to show that an out-of-touch former NFL coach doesn’t have the power to unilaterally change the traditions that surround Virginia football. Only the fans themselves do. And they will be able to tell athletic director Craig Littlepage that the students don’t want to buy into manufactured ploys like the “Sea of Orange” and a sign-less crowd that serve only to further an administrative interest at the expense of tradition and atmosphere. Only some of the people in the athletic department do… And, in no subtle way, the protest rejects Al Groh’s attempt to change the atmosphere at U.Va. football games where shirts and ties and sundresses are phased out in exchange for orange T-shirts.”



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