Blood Thicker Than Tears?

Former Samford/Auburn head man and current motivational speaker/FSU ‘observer’/wannabe WVU coach/ college football analyst Terry Bowden learned this week that the non-coaching Bowden fraternity gained a third member in older brother Tommy.


In his most recent column, Terry B says “Tommy knew expectations weren’t met” at Clemson, after opening 2008 at 3-3 after perhaps the most preseason expectations of his career.  The now finalized Clemson entry on his resume includes no ACC titles, but the now beefed-up bank account with his name on the ledger includes a few more zeros.

Terry went on to say (after referring to his own coaching accomplishments) that he and his brother are close and while it is very difficult for him to write, Tommy really did “deserve what happened to him Monday.“  Clemson, after all still has “as much talent as anyone in the conference” and had not met the clear expectation off winning a at least winning a conference title.  Clemson, Terry reckons, “deserve[s] the right to try to find a coach they believe can get them there.”  Tommy, “of all people, knew what to expect when he got into this business. [He and his brothers] grew up in it.”


Little Bro Terry wrote that Tommy “agreed to resign,” while many other media outlets simply called it a firing.  The AJC went that route, and also noted the similarities between Tommy’s departure – “college football’s earliest coaching exit since 2003” – and Terry’s last decade:


  • “Both took their leave six games into the season.
  • The departures came almost exactly 10 years apart — Tommy on Oct. 13 and Terry on Oct. 23, 1998.
  • They left programs nicknamed Tigers, with orange as their color.
  • Both schools appointed former Alabama assistants as interim coach — Bill Oliver taking over for Terry, Dabo Swinney for Tommy.”


For his part, Pappa Bobby cut to the chase: ”That’s the way this profession works. There ain’t but one answer, and that’s winning.”


The family may not be shedding tears over Tommy’s firing/resignation/golden parachute, but tailback James (not “Lightning”) Davis was crying according to ESPN.  And he’s not alone.  At least one fan produced similar waterworks:



Somewhat reminiscent of Tommy’s own liquid breakdown:



And for the other 99% of Death Valley Nation…  there’s always the next hot prospect in waiting – reasdy to be tempted by millions of dollars and hundreds of rubs of Howard’s Rock, and the waiting arms of a DB:




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