A Get-able Get?

On Veteran’s Day, several news outlets across the Commonwealth jumped on the news that heralded high school hoopster Renardo Sidney would be visiting Charlottesville this weekend to chat with the staff & players and take in Virginia’s season opener against the mighty VMI Keydets.  One can only hope that JPJ is filled with more than the 2,019 who came out to witness last Sunday’s exhibition victory over Shepherd University.


The 6-10 250+ lb. Sidney grew up in Mississippi and now plays for Fairfax High in Los Angeles, CA.  He appears in the top 10 of virtually all 2009 recruiting lists, making him one of the highest-rated unsigned seniors available.  He is also considering UCLA, USC, Mississippi State, and LSU.  The Richmond Times-Dispatch declares that Sidney is a “solid student” and the fact that his “family will pay its way to Charlottesville reflects its level of interest in U.Va.”


The Daily Progress says Sidney is “considered by many to be a ‘one-and-done’ type player” and quotes “recruiting guru” Franklin Harris, who calls him “the best player in the country,” and a “prototypical NBA 4-man” who can “score inside” and “put it on the floor.”  RTD Beat writer Jeff White gushes that youngster “is intrigued by the possibility of doing for a lesser-known team what Michael Beasley did last season for Kansas State.”  Does that mean forcing the hiring of an overpaid assistant, leading the team to the round-of-32 in the NCAAs and two fewer wins (21) than the prior season, only to bolt for the NBA after the season?


White adds that Virginia coach Dave Leitao “traveled to California recently on a recruiting trip” and “has established a strong bond with Sidney and his parents.”  Great news… but haven’t we heard this early-stages-of-flirting, coach-meets-boy/boy-reciprocates-interest love story before?


  • Didn’t Eric Wallace once say he was “looking for a comfort level and I found it” with Leitao?  Didn’t he also say that Leitao “did all the right things,” and “established a good relationship with me” ?  After committing and then de-committing in a “family-oriented decision,” didn’t he also say that he “always liked Virginia” and even “used to play them on video games” and “still respect[s] their coaches and [has] a good relationship with them” ?
  • Didn’t Leitao himself say after losing Patrick Patterson to Kentucky that “the mom and the dad and the son were incredibly tight, and that’s what enabled us to stay in it as long as we could” ?
  • Didn’t scout.com’s Dave Telep say Leitao had “a better chance with Elliot Williams than Patrick Patterson,” only to lose him to Duke?  Didn’t Williams himself say before decision-day that Leitao was” the first one who offered me [a scholarship], so you’ve got to have that kind of relationship with him” ?  I remember him also adding that his parents “like that [Leitao] has a great personality, is easy to talk to, and is a great coach and great person,” and that the idea of being Leitao’s first ‘big fish’ recruit “definitely appeals to me.  That’s a reason why I’m looking at Virginia.”
  • Didn’t Ed Davis say that he had a “”nice relationship with the coaching staff” at Virginia before committing to UNC?  I believe I remember virginiapreps.com’s Zirkle Blakey comment that “Virginia recruited the heck out of” Davis and “did everything they possibly could to put themselves in a good position with him.”




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