Diamond Cutter?

Viewers of last Thursday’s VPI-Miami game may have thought former redshirt freshman / current sophomore Tech QB Tyrod Taylor was channeling one Diamond Dallas Paige when he made what appeared to be the “Diamond Cutter” symbol during the game:
















“T-Mobile,” who passed for 75 yards in the loss, may want to watch his back.  Or, at least his legal defense team may want to watch it.  Recall that Karl Malone’s one-time tag-team partner recently sued rapper/mogul/Nets minority owner Jay-Z over this copyrighted hand gesture back in 2005:


Staying with Tech, has anyone else noticed the striking similarity in likeness between DC Bud Foster and New York Giants DC (and onetime target of Dan Snyder infatuation) Steve Spagnuolo?









One Response to “Diamond Cutter?”

  1. Clemson: What To Expect « bryanerogers’s weblog Says:

    […] online that his “gut feeling” is VPI DC Bud Foster (resemblance to Steve Spagnuolo chronicled here) is “soon to be” the next head man in […]

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