McDonald’s vs. Burger King

More on the budding (?) Renardo Sidney–Dave Leitao relationship, originally documented here and here  Tuesday’s LA Times recap of The Sidney family’s visit to Charlottesville last weekend includes the following:


Fairfax senior Renardo Sidney and his family made an unofficial visit to Virginia this past weekend and left impressed by the school’s “great campus and academics,” the player’s father, Renardo Sidney Sr. said in a text message to The Times.

Cavaliers Coach Dave Leitao could use a high-profile recruit after last year’s 5-11 showing in the ACC. Sidney Sr. stopped short of identifying Virginia as the leading candidate to land his son, but did praise how university staff treated the 6-feet-10 standout.

“They understand the difference between a Big Mac and a Whopper with cheese,” he said in a text message. “Big Macs are good for resumes, Whoppers with cheese bring home gold balls.”


Gold balls?  Maybe he’s thinking of the NBA’s Larry O’Brien Trophy, because no gold basketballs are handed out to the ACC or NCAA champion.  Even the Siemens Trophy, while a ball, isn’t gold.  I guess he can be forgiven, since the trophy case at JPJ isn’t exactly overflowing with those, and its prize possession may be ‘Wonderful’ Wally Walker’s net-necklace (pictured at left).


On to the ‘meat’ of the elder Sidney’s text message…  Many hyper-involved fathers out there refer to their children as their favorite dish or preferred fast-food item on the regular.  Heck, Jelly Bean Bryant even named his son after a great steak he ate in Japan.  But consider the history of Renardo Sr.’s comparison in recent pop culture:


  • On Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s 1988 smash hit ‘It Takes Two,’ the former rapped: “I like the Whopper, [expletive] the Big Mac.”
  • Ten years later, former Virginia State Trojans Das EFX rhymed on ‘Rap Scholar’: “Big Mac not the Whopper, peace to Big Poppa.”
  • In 1994’s Pulp Fiction, John Travolta’s Vincent Vega character noted that in Paris a “Big Mac’s a Big Mac, but they call it Le Big Mac.”  When asked by Sam Jackson’s Jules Winnfield character what a Whopper is called in the City of Lights, he responded: “I dunno, I didn’t go into a Burger King.”
  • 2005’s Super Size Me featured Wisconsin’s Don Gorske, who also clearly prefers the golden arches.  Gorske claimed at the time to have eaten 20,000 Big Macs (two a day for 29 years), compare to just one Whopper (in January 1984 on a bet).
  • Nerdy rock duo The Black Keys commented in 2006 on frequent comparisons to another two-piece outfit: “I guess the White Stripes and us are like the Big Mac and the Whopper. Both of them have a bun, beef, cheese, lettuce, onions. The Big Mac has ‘special sauce,’ but that’s just ketchup and mayonnaise, and the Whopper has that, too. The only difference between them is the Whopper has a tomato. I guess we have the tomato.”

For the record, per Wikipedia:  “The Whopper (670 kcal) has more calories than McDonald’s Big Mac (540 kcal). However, the Big Mac is smaller than the Whopper – 214g vs. 290g. Therefore, the Whopper actually contains fewer calories than the Big Mac by mass. The Whopper contains 231 kcal per 100g and the Big Mac contains 252 kcal per 100g.”


Apparently the Sidneys’ treatment by “university staff” did not include a trip to 1407 University Avenue…





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