Vinny Two-Times

Vinny Cerrato has long been known to stretch the truth, keep information from his audience, and generally attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of his fanbase and the DC media.


Perhaps no incident illustrated this more than last year’s trade for DE Jason Taylor.  As detailed by Redskin Insider Jason La Canfora, Vinny “implicitly concede[d] that he was lying through his teeth to every media entity that covers the Redskins on a daily basis. Yet somehow he still wonders why people don’t take him seriously? (This is also the guy who claims the team misquoted him in its own press release in 2005. I’ll never quite fathom that one.”


Fast forward eight months and Taylor is no longer on the team after playing in the fewest games of his career (13) and posting career lows in tackles (29) & sacks (3.5).  Toward the end of the season, Taylor himself even admitted “I’m not worth 8 million dollars.”



But to this day Cerrato (naturally) says he would still do the “Jason Taylor thing” (2nd & 6th round picks for an overpaid DTWS contestant who no other NFL team wanted at that price) if it “were the same thing right now.”  Taylor, after all, gave “the guys some confidence” after Phillip Daniels went down.


Vinny’s latest step into the hypocritical has centered working out, and more specifically, mandatory working out.  After cutting Taylor for refusing to add a 75%-attenednce-at-offseason-conditioning-program-at-Redskin-Park clause to his contract, he offered:


“I don’t think it’s fair to the rest of the team…  when he’s just gonna stay home and not work out. And to me, as you get older, you need to work out and be in a structured environment where you have strength coaches, you have people pushing to get the best.”


Seems fair, but consider that last year Cerrato told Doc Walker the following when justifying CB Shawn Springs’ absence during OTA’s:


“I know he’s in town and he works out with the boxing guy, and he was out in Arizona… You know, he’s a mature guy. When he shows up, he’s going to be in as good a shape as anybody on the football team.”


I’m gonna go get the papers, get the papers.




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