Bored? Clearly. Broke? Maybe. Back? Trying Hard To Be.

Is John Riggins bitter after is unceremonious departure from Red Zebra Radio?  Is he angling for a gig, now that he has no voice on local radio (or TV, with no Redskins Report this season)?

Regardless of his motives, he’s certainly telling it like it is. The Redskins have won just four of their last 13 games, a rate of futility seen during Gibbs II, but not bettered (or worsened) since the 2004 squad under Steve Spurrier. Riggo’s take on the franchise from top-to-bottom…

From a YouTube post from Tuesday:

-On the owner, Dan Snyder: “Linus, you got to lose the blanket. Oh yeah, the blanket, that’s Vinnie Cerrato.”

-On Executive VP of Football Ops Cerrato, the owner’s racquetball partner & de facto-GM: “Your real true passion is radio. So, I would say just go ahead and go radio full-time with the occasional appearance on ESPN. Maybe TV, start analyzing games… I mean, you’re a great guy, Vin’, but you’re no GM.”

-On HC Jim Zorn, the 54-year-old QB Coach who Jim Mora, Jr. didn’t want: “You too are not a head football coach in the NFL. High school? Definitely, you can coach in high school, you can coach my son in high school any time. Ankle biters for sure. My God, DeAngelo Hall? I’d have had my foot this far up his rectum after that whatever tackle you want to call it on Jake Delhomme to seal your fate. You don’t criticize that? You’re out of your league, Jim.”

-On the team’s current state: “You know what they used to say about the Washington Senators? They’re now gonna say about the Washington football team, which is first in war, first in peace, last in the NFC East. I’m afraid that’s the way it is.”

This comes just two weeks after he “tweeted” the following during the loss in Detroit:

-“as the owner alot on the line in Detroit u invite Tom Cruise to the game and he is chatting up your Coach! what does this tell us about YOU!”

-“u r Zorn..Head Detroit…alot on the line….and u r chatting up TomKat before the game…what does that tell us about YOU!!!”

-“There are team specific issues for sure and some individual issues for sure but the owner ultimately is a loser”



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