Al Groh: The Man, The Myth, The Jeezy

This week alone, Virginia HC Al Groh has:

LB and team captain Denzel Burrell: “We call him ‘Jeezy’ after the rapper, ‘Young Jeezy.’ “I believe he actually does understand the reference. He references hip-hop at times. He knows Kanye West and a couple of the other guys we really like. He actually may know the reference, but that’s basically one of the main ones we call him. But we’ll probably stay away from Mr. October.”

“Normally, they put multiple hats in the locker room. One got wet, so I put on the other one.”  Burrell added: “I’ve never questioned his hat choice.”

  • Dropped “circumstance” once after the win at Maryland

That was a magnificent effort by our players,” Groh said. “They dealt with everything that we encountered today, whether it was guys having to step up [for] circumstances within the ballgame. They refused to be distracted by any issues.”

  • And ten (10) times in his weekly press conference

“we were the beneficiaries of some turnovers during the course of the game that clearly helped us out in some circumstances

“we are very comfortable with [backup QB Marc Verica] in any circumstance

“whether we change it or not, we assess just what are our circumstances

“we have a little bit of that circumstance on our hands right now”

“guys who play, they ought to be moving into more established circumstance; those guys who haven’t, hopefully they’ll move into a circumstance where they can go in the game”

“I guess there was one circumstance where they were willing walk him and to load the bases”

“there was a circumstance that characterized what was the ‘07 team”

“in circumstances where you have that collaborative attitude, or as it’s sometimes referred to as team chemistry or unity or whatever, there’s always a leadership-followership circumstance”  

  • Offered an opinion on the leg strength of 5-10 PK (field goals only) and seersucker fan Robert Randolph:

“You can look at him – there’s not a lot of muscle mass there. Let’s put it this way: They probably don’t make those yellow suits in big-man sizes.”

“The week that precedes the game, the word practice is certainly accurate, but it’s not just practice like going and practicing the piano. It’s preparation for what’s coming on Saturday. So we’re trying to do whatever has us best prepared on Saturday. That might mean scrimmage every day. That might mean go bowling. I’m not trying to be smart, but whatever… Practice and preparation is part of every week, but also obviously practice, development of skills. That’s what players are supposed to do, and that’s what coaches are supposed to do for their players.”

“If I knew [the status of injured QB Jameel Sewell], I probably wouldn’t tell you.”

  •  Said ‘fumblers get benched’ in forty-four (44) words…  [subtle dig at MJ]

“There are some players here in the past that have displayed a significant running skill but we couldn’t afford to play Russian roulette with. We just couldn’t afford to put them out there where they could do something that might cause us to lose.” 

  • Broke down Georgia Tech’s punt (yes punt, not triple-option offensive) formations

“We’ve spoken frequently with the development of really – I would say if I use the word alternative punt systems, that would be incorrect. Innovative and progressing punt systems. In other words, it’s a new era in terms of punting the ball. And it continues to grow that way, just as with many of the different offenses. Let’s say a few years ago when different elements of, A, the West Coast offense came up, it was one offense. Now there’s all sorts of things that fall into that category. We saw the spread offense; that was an offense. Everybody did the same thing that was in it. Now it’s really inaccurate to try to classify something just based on being a spread offense or a West Coast offense. It’s the same thing here now with that shield punt. It’s inaccurate just to say they’re in a shield punt. It can go so many different directions based on the personality and the philosophy of the team, and they have been very creative and progressive with what they’re doing with formations, and as a result of what they’re doing they have a very good idea how to deal with it on the other side. So it’s not just the punt team but things they’re doing with their punt return and punt block teams to combat those other teams that have it. They have some answers to those situations while other people are still searching for them.” 

  • Continued his lecture on roster math

After saying last week that “essentially 25 percent of your team is new every year anyway,” Groh offered this a week later: “In college football, 50 percent of your team is freshmen and sophomores.” 

  • Played jokester in explaining P Jimmy Howell’s -3-yard punt against Maryland

“Far be it from me to try and explain. It was our intention that he was going to punt the ball. Obviously, he saw some sort of aliens out there that none of us could see.” 

  • Revealed the layout and ‘inventory’ of a national book retailer

“You look at military leaders or industrial leaders or for that matter parents, and certainly football coaches, people who try and lead, they’ve got to believe, they’ve got to believe in a leader, they’ve got to buy in, they’ve got to see the value to them. That’s why if you go down to Barnes & Noble, you can probably spend the next three or four weeks just walking up and down the section of the stores that have books on leadership and management.” 

  • Played short-memory philosopher

“As we have said, there’s a reason why God put eyes in the front of our head and not in the back. So you can make progress by looking forward.”


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