DeAngelo Hall, a Loser’s Winner

Earlier in the week, we documented some of DeAngelo Hall’s infamy, both recent and historical.  One interesting side note has been that Hall has been one of (if not the) the most outspoken and visible Redskin since joining the squad last season.  Despite just getting to town, having a checked past, and now generally regarded as overpaid, it’s often Hall who is critiquing the team’s effort, the front office’s personnel moves, and answering the big questions… all in his three piece suit (or vest sans jacket).

Following the loss to Detroit in September, Hall said “You either want it or you don’t. A lot of these guys don’t want it. They want the other stuff.” 

Just this week, Hall said “Guys just have to go out there and give it their all. They have to care about it. They have to care more than just picking up a paycheck or putting on a uniform. They have to really care….We need a win so bad, and I don’t feel like everybody feels the same way I feel. I feel like we need a win so bad that food doesn’t even taste the same. I can’t even come home and hug my kids the same, because something’s not there. I feel a little empty.”

Two things jump out from these comments.  First, Hall recently signed a big contact himself, his second in as many years, and again doesn’t appear to have been worth the money.  He’s also an athlete who has said on record:

 As Chris Carter said – after referring to some of Hall’s tackles this year as “two-hand touch”: “If you’re gonna take the money, get a mask!

Second, what kind of record does Hall have to stand on when he talks about winning?  On Hall’s own blog he said he can’t wait to “show everyone I’m still a winner” and “all I’m about is winning games and picking passes. That’s it.” 

Well, he might want to find a new profession it ‘that’s it.’  In games which he has played, Hall’s teams have a combined regular-season winning percentage of 0.388 (31-49).  Far from great, but better than 13 of the NFL’s 32 teams at present (Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland, Tennessee, Oakland, Kansas City, Washington, Detroit, Carolina, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis).

However, when comparing the 16 games prior to his arrival and the 16 games after his arrival the results are striking.  Atlanta posted a significantly better record without Hall, both before and after.  Even dreadful Oakland actually improved slightly in the 16 games following Hall’s departure.  Washington was 10-6 in the 16 games prior to Hall joining the team, and been 4-11 with Hall.  Hard to believe it will be worse once this loss is cut…


(click to enlarge)

But don’t cry for DeAngelo.  He has been a winner in other pursuits, including the “NFL’s Fastest Man” at the 2006 Pro Bowl and a bet with Chad Johnson resulting in the latter’s head-shaving.


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