The ‘Doc’ Walker Drinking Game

In honor of the next-to-last Raycom broadcast of the 2009 ACC season, the creators of the Al Groh Drinking Game (recently revisited) bring you the Ric ‘Doc’ Walker Drinking Game.

When enjoying an ACC football telecast, episode of the John Thompson radio program, play-by-play radio broadcast of a Washington Redskins game, Comcast Redskins Post-Game Live, or other of the numerous media appearances by the former Bengal / Redskin, break out your favorite beverage and enjoy.  The rules are simple:

1. Take the following number of drinks each time ‘Doc’ refers to a player as a:

-“baller” – 1

-“beast” – 1

-“savage” – 1

-“cyborg” – 2

-“Brahma bull” – 2

-“caveman” – 2

-“Neanderthal” – 3

-“dog going after a bone” – 3

-“werewolf” – 3

-“natural born baller” or “natural born ballah” – 4

-“unicorn” – 4 

2. Take one drink anytime he references the good life:




-“food, fun, music


-“all the movers / shakers in DC

-“cigars” (see here as well)


3. Take two drinks anytime ‘Doc’ attempts to diagnose an injury or potential injury (“That’s broke! Um, that appears to be broken”) (“It wipes away the interception, but it doesn’t wipe away the brain damage to Verica”)

4. Take two drinks any time ‘Doc’ uses one of the following phrases to describe a hit or block:

-“bring the jackhammer” or “ran into the jackhammer”

-“function at the junction”

-“King Kong” and/or “Godzilla”

-“welcoming committee”


5. Take four drinks anytime ‘Doc’ uses his favorite phrase…  “manhood issue”


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3 Responses to “The ‘Doc’ Walker Drinking Game”

  1. Redskins Drinking Game: 2010 Home Edition « bryanerogers’s weblog Says:

    […] NOTE: When the radio broadcast is thrown to Rick ‘Doc’ Walker, please refer to The ‘Doc’ Walker Drinking Game […]

  2. Chris Says:

  3. Gene Says:

    The wife and I have been playing this game for years!

    What about “T-rex” or “man-child”…those ought to be worth at least 2 drinks each!

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