For The Love of Myriad

The word is simple enough, used by the Greeks (murias) as the name for the number ten thousand.  In modern English it’s used to refer to a large number of anything and can be used as either a noun or adjective (debate here).  But it’s popularity among regional sportswriters is surprising:

-Free Lance-Star’s Steve DeShazo (October 18): “With myriad factors stacked against it yesterday, Virginia turned to a pair of grizzled but relatively anonymous senior leaders.”

-Free Lance-Star’s Steve DeShazo (October 27): “Last night’s nationally televised bludgeoning by the Philadelphia Eagles exposed the Redskins’ myriad problems.”

-Washington Post’s Rick Maese (November 20): “In the Redskins’ myriad defensive formations, Orakpo often stunts and doesn’t always rush the passer from the edge.”

-Daily Progress’ Jay Jenkins (November 23): “That revolving-door policy, among myriad other contributing factors, has made life complicated for Virginia coach Al Groh during the program’s worst slide in two decades.”

-Virginian-Pilot’s Kyle Tucker (November 24): “There are myriad reasons for the Cavaliers crashing as the Hokies have been cruising.”

-Richmond Times Dispatch’s Paul Woody (November 30): “And every university the size of Virginia has programs where academically-challenged athletes can earn a degree, provided they are diligent students and take advantage of the myriad support services available.”

-Daily Progress’ Jerry Ratcliffe (November 30): “A big reader, Groh had an impressive collection of books covering a myriad of life philosophies.”

-Washington Times’ Ryan O’Halloran (December 4): “The state of the Redskins’ offensive line has impacted Campbell’s confidence more than the myriad offensive systems he’s had to learn (three) and play callers he’s had to work (three) with since taking over the starting role in November 2006.” 

-Washington Times’ David Elfin (December 3): “Despite Williams’ myriad blitzes, New Orleans is tied for 10th in the league in sacks with 26. However, no team comes close to the Saints’ 22 interceptions or 32 turnovers. And they’ve taken a league-best seven takeaways to the house.”

-Free Lance-Star’s Steve DeShazo (December 14): “But considering the myriad problems the Redskins have to fix in the off-season–and Snyder’s notorious impatience to win–is it really worth it to start from scratch yet again?”


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