Bruce Allen May be Overshooting

This Monday, new Redskins GM Bruce Allen – the former UR punter and “dedicated surfer, [who] commonly wore overalls and slippers to classes” in college – held a press conference to discuss the firing of HC Jim Zorn and the club’s next steps.

When talking about how the team will improve, he said “free agency will be a different crop than everybody’s used to because of the limitations with the uncapped year” and that “maybe some of our greatest improvements are our players that are already on the roster playing better.”  He added that “what we are looking for in a head coach is somebody that can lead these men that we have in our locker room to levels that they haven’t played to before.”

That would certainly make for a productive team, but just getting his players to levels they already have played to would be quite an accomplishment.  At a minimum, improving on 2009 performance would be a positive step.

RB Clinton Portis: averaged 4.7 yards/carry and 1,483 yards/season 2002-2005; 942 and 4.1 2006-2009; career-low 62 yards/game in 2009

CB DeAngelo Hall: Pro Bowl in 2005 & 2006; injuries, fights, and missed tackles in 2009

FB Mike Sellers: 7 TDs in 2005, Pro Bowl in 2008; missed blocks & drops in 2009

DT Albert Haynesworth: 2007 & 2008 Pro Bowler; injuries and squabbles in 2009

WR Santana Moss: 2002 & 2005 Pro Bowler, 7.5 TD/year 2002-2005; 4.5 TD/year 2006-2009; career-low 12.9 yards/catch in 2009

WR Antwaan Randle El: 0.3 fair catches / punt returns ratio and 5% fumble / punt return rate 2002-2008; 1.1 (more FC than returns) and 18%, with career-low 6.0 yards / punt return and 0 TD for first time in career in 2009

S LaRon Landry: Pro Bowl alternate 2007; penalties, missed tackles & first missed game of career in 2009

P Hunter Smith: 43.4 yards/punt 1999-2008; 41.3, with first missed games of career in 2009



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