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Marc Verica is Not Unlike Matt Leinart

August 31, 2010

Virginia fifth-year starting QB Marc Verica’s musical talents are well-known, but the team captain who is competing as a graduate student this fall continued his higher learning earlier this summer via a dance class.  Said Verica at the time:

It’s called ‘The Social Change of Dance,’ but it’s not just two hours, non stop, of us cutting it loose. It’s a lot of learning the history of dance. We learn about dance as a propaganda tool [in terms of] specific [cultural] movements, whether it’s civil rights or maybe feminism. Adrien Harraway, my academic advisor, told me, ‘You’re approved to take a summer class, third session if you want to. I said, ‘Fine, let’s do it. I’m not doing anything anyway.’ … Guys know on the team that I’m a good dancer. I dance all the time in the locker room.”

Verica may be patterning his final season of eligibility after that of Heisman Trophy winner, two-time All-American, and slightly better-looking Matt Leinart.  In 2005, the USC QB took a ballroom dancing class as the final elective en route to a sociology degree from Southern Cal.  The latter, who threw for more TDs in two starts against Notre Dame (9) than Verica has in 17 career games (8), led the Trojans to an undefeated regular season and was selected 10th overall by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Leinart, who took the course with then-girlfriend and subsequent/current baby-mother Brynn Cameron, stated at the time: “I put in my work to get my degree. I came back for my fifth year, and I’m taking what’s necessary for me to graduate. And that’s two units.”  But things haven’t gone so dancingly for Leinart since then.  Cameron, then a USC basketball player, claimed two years ago that Matt L. wasn’t exactly the world’s best Dad.  And at present, Leinart remains a backup in Arizona and thinks his HC Ken Winsehunt may have issues with him.

As for Verica, he’s just looking for some wins.  His last two high school teams won a combined 6 games, and in order to better than in his last two college seasons Virginia will need to win at least four games this year.


Mike Pettine Front & Center on HBO

August 26, 2010

Former Virginia defensive back Mike Pettine is front & center this season’s “Hard Knocks” on HBO as the Jets’ DC.

Pettine, who shares the Cavaliers’ single-game INT record with 3, once said his defense was neither a 3-4 or 4-3, but rather “more of a 3½ – 3½.”  As a part of some of HC George Welsh’s initial teams at Virgnia, Pettine recalled that  “even at ’84, he was still slipping up, he’d call it the ‘mess hall’” as a result of his time in Annapolis.

Today, Pettine is buddies with “Gary Dell’Abate, also known as ‘Baba Booey’ on The Howard Stern Show” and has to answer questions about holdout CB Darrelle Revis from his family, or at least from family members who did not suffer turf toe injuries during an early August scrimmage.  And on top of that, at least one blogger is afraid of him:

“Scary dude. Honestly, he looks like he just got out of San Quentin two days before the start of training camp—all he’s missing is a neck tattoo. If Bart Scott is taking Ryan in a dark alley with him, I’m taking Pettine.”


August 26, 2010

NFL regular-season games played in 2009 for members of the current Redskins’ two-deep:

  • DL Adam Carriker*………….0
  • DL Ma’ake Kemoeatu*………0
  • OL Jammal Brown*………….0
  • WR Anthony Armstrong…..0
  • OL Kory Lichtensteiger……0
  • FB Darrel Young……………..0
  • P Josh Bidwell*……………….0
  • QB Rex Grossman……………1
  • WR Joey Galloway*………….3
  • OG Edwin Williams………….3
  • CB Kevin Barnes……………..4
  • K Graham Gano*……………..4
  • OL Chad Rinehart……………4

* currently listed as a starter