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DeAngelo Hall Continues to Channel Ahmad Hawkins

October 25, 2010

Redskins corner DeAngelo Hall was just a sophomore in high school in the fall of 1998.  Clearly he was watching when fellow 757-er Ahmad Hawkins beat Anthony Midget for a 47-yard game-winning touchdown on November 28th of that year.  Hawkins’ TD grab from Aaron Brooks with 2 minutes remaining would be enough to beat Hall’s future school in Blacksburg, capping a furious second-half comeback that started from a 29-7 intermission deficit.

After scoring, Hawkins slid to his knees and outstretched both arms.  He soaked in the feeling of victory at Lane Stadium, creating one of the most indelible images in Virginia football history-

12 years later, and Hall is still  using the celebratory move he took from the one-time arena-leaguer Hawkins, who played on both sides of the ball at Virginia…


Redskins Drinking Game: 2010 Home Edition

October 8, 2010

Take one drink any time: 

  • Stephon Heyer is called for a false start
  • Santana Moss gives the first-down signal himself after a catch (example shown at right)
  • Laron Landry flexes after a tackle
  • Clinton Portis has a look of bewilderment on the sideline
  • Brian Orakpo is held and a penalty is not called
  • Clinton Portis appears disinterested on the sideline
  • Sam Huff praises London Fletcher
  • Kareem Moore flies up from his free safety spot only to whiff on a tackle
  • Sonny Jorgensen plugs his cigar, the SJ9
  • Anthony Armstrong’s semi-pro football career is not topic of conversation when he is discussed
  • Danny Smith is shown aggressively chewing gum (example shown at right)
  • Albert Haynesworth is mentioned in a sentence that does not also include the word “million”
  • Casey Rabach is manhandled
  • Dan Snyder is shown whispering in the ear of someone wealthy in his box
  • Sam Huff praises the opposing team’s middle linebacker
  • Laron Landry does the head bob
  • Clinton Portis has a dazed look on the sideline
  • Kyle Shanahan’s age is mentioned when his name comes up
  • Santana Moss spins the football after a catch
  • Dan Snyder is shown whispering in the ear of someone famous in his box (exmaple shown below)
  • Larry Michael mentions Silver Spring
  • Stephon Heyer is called for holding
  • Laron Landry smashes one fist into the other palm
  • Mike Sellers stokes his goatee
  • Kyle Shanahan is shown with a play-card in front of his mouth
  • Brian Orakpo is held and a penalty is called
  • Reed Doughty makes an impactful special teams play
  • Television announcers praise Albert Haynesworth for “taking up” or “occupying” blockers
  • Sonny Jorgensen plugs the Washington Post
  • Clinton Portis has a hood or towel over his head (example shown at right)
  • Larry Michael mentions an anecdote about chatting with a player at Redskin Park
  • Joey Galloway’s age is not mentioned when his name comes up

Finish your drink when:

  • Devin Thomas lines up on offense
  • Carlos Rogers catches an interception
  • Sam Huff correctly pronounces Kemoeatu
  • Santana Moss spins the football and makes the first-down sign after a catch
  • Announcers discuss Dan Snyder’s desire to win and/or willingness to spend
  • Larry Michael offers objective criticism of the home team
  • DeAngelo Hall injuries an opposing player
  • Clinton Portis is shown and his Denver years are mentioned
  • Mike Sellers awkwardly attempts to hurdle a defender (see examples below)


  • There is a discussion of the amount of free Papa John’s toppings available on Monday
  • Donovan McNabb’s age is compared to that of Steve Young and/or John Elway during their championships
  • Laron Landry injuries a teammate
  • Television broadcast pans to a shot of [insert national monument], nearly 10 miles from FedEx Field
  • Reed Doughty makes an impactful non-special teams play

Empty the liquor cabinet if:

  • Dan Snyder is shown in luxury box without burgundy tie, gold tie, or burgundy/gold tie
  • Mike Shanahan’s tan wears off
  • Devin Thomas makes a catch on offense
  • Bruce Allen is shown in luxury box without burgundy tie, gold tie, or burgundy/gold tie
  • Sam Huff correctly pronounces Lichtensteiger


NOTE: When the radio broadcast is thrown to Rick ‘Doc’ Walker, please refer to The ‘Doc’ Walker Drinking Game

What Kind of a Man Likes Kyle Busch?

October 8, 2010