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Rock Bottom? Not Even Close

November 10, 2011

A comparison of the last 10, last 16, and all 24 games under head man Mike Shanahan with the worst stretches in Redskins’ history since 1998…


Shanahan is 4-6 in his last ten, a mark that has actually been 3-7 at several times under his watch.  Jim Zorn finished 2009 going 2-8 in his last ten, but the low point was week 5 of the 2001 season.  After losing 9-7 to the Cowboys in a Monday night battle of 0-4 teams, Washington had a record of 1-9 over its previous ten contests.

Shanahan is 5-11 in his last 16 games, the low point of his tenure in Washington.  However it’s not the nadir.  The team finished 4-12 in 2009, and was 3-13 during a stretch spanning 2003-04 – the end of Steve Spurrier’s tenure and beginning of Joe Gibb’s second stint at the helm.

Shanahan – whose Redskins bio points out was once 22-2 at his peak in Denver – is 9-15 with the Redskins.  As Spurrier once said, “not very good” but at the same time “there was some worse ‘un us.”  The venerable David Elfin has done the research, and only seven teams have a worse mark over the last 24: Carolina, Arizona, Denver, Minnesota, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Miami.  Even in DC, it can get worse, and it has been before.  In recent Redskins history, the worst 24-game stretch has been 6-18 – a mark hit during the Gibbs/Spurrier 2003-04 span, and over Jim Zorn’s final 24 games.


Even with the shutout north of the border and consecutive games under 12 – something Elfin notes Zorn never did – Shanahan’s Redskins have averaged 16.1 points over the past 10 games.   Zorn’s teams averaged less than 14 during several 10-game spans, and even Gibbs had a stretch at 12.2.  Spurrier finished at 15.9 over his final 10, the low point of his 2-year tenure.  Rock bottom was 9.2 points, hit after week 6 of 2001, just six days after the aforementioned “Gutter Bowl” in Dallas.  That 10-game run includes scores of 7, 13, 3, 20, 3, 0, 13, 9, 7, and 17.

The Redskins have averaged 17.1 and 17.9 points per game over the past 16 and 24 games.  Each mark is several full points higher than the low mark in recent team history, which game under Spurrier-Gibbs.